Frozen (2010)

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7 Responses to “Frozen (2010)”

  1. Alright, you made me wanna see it! 🙂 I’m not a big fan of Hatchet, but this could be good!

    • Yeah, I know there is a big divide on ‘Hatchet’. Personally, I enjoyed it. But ‘Frozen’ is a different kettle of fish entirely. Whether people like Adam Green’s debut flick or not, ‘Frozen’ is a great watch from beginning to end!

  2. Chris Botwin Says:

    It’s a good review, but I think you should say something about the stupid mistakes the characters make non-stop. There are several ways to get out of that situation, but they cannot think any of them.

    Anyway, I really liked the movie even though that, and I’m going to recommend to my friends as soon as they can get it legally.

    I’ll be checking this site now and then, since I stumbled upon this through your IMDb post!

    • Yeah, there was many mistakes made by the characters, but I really didn’t want to talk too much about them, as I wanted to avoid spoilers. At the time of writing and publishing the review, not many people had seen the film. I think I mentioned it, touching upon them, as that is partly what makes a minimalist survival horror – the bad decisions made by the characters.

      Thanks, mate.

  3. caroline Says:

    yah there were a couple things that bugged me like how lynch hood of his jacket was down threw the whole movie and just little things, that i would have done but everybodys different. it depicted a real life situation and absolutely heart thumping for me to watch, intense momments are really awesome.

  4. “Some poor judgment results in the frightening scenes”. I agree with you on that, I would have liked it better if the characters applied a little more logic in their actions. But overall, Frozen delivered what a movie of this type should have.

    I made a little remake of the movie, a short 3d animation. If you like, you can watch it here: Hope you enjoy it.

    • That was pretty cool, mate.

      Yeah, the characters did make some poor calls in their efforts to survive. But it’s easy for us the audience to judge as we are not in the same situation with time to work it out in the comfort of our homes. Panicking as they were it clouded their judgement and that’s what makes for a convincing survivalist horror.

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