A Serbian Film (2010)

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12 Responses to “A Serbian Film (2010)”

  1. Great review!

  2. Great review, planning on watching it this weekend.
    Hope my gut can take it… Worst (most disturbing) film I’ve seen this far is ‘Lilja 4 Ever’ which left me numb and speechless for days after seeing it.

  3. This was a very good review. I too watched the film twice, and I was shocked, not just by the scenes with the imagery, but by the effectiveness of some scenes. There was one scene that sent chills up my spine, where Milosh’s wife is singing a lullaby, and from her singing, I was nerve-wracked, just because it was creepy by using nothing more than a melody.

    All too often you see horror films (or mystery movies) that try way too hard to be scary, and here, I didn’t feel it tried too hard, because it felt realistic and nightmarish by being as realistic as possible.

    A good review and an amazing movie.

  4. Truth Says:

    Movie was SICK!

    But can I ask what is the point of it? I have read the review but im still in shock!

  5. I just finished watching this film just now. I can utterly say that it left me in shock but it didn’t offer any surprises for me even though it was a great film. The ending of the movie was just sad and now I wonder if things like this really happen in Serbia and the rest of the world.

  6. sasha Says:

    “I got the social commentary on the state of Serbian cinema”

    Huh ? What are you people talking about ? Where is that statement in the movie . As a serbian , i can tell you than none of you have or will understand the dialog in this movie . Which is very funny , because so many of you think the movie is great but yet , if you are not serbian , you have no chance of understanding it ! Even then , it is tough . This movie is art-house not for your average horror movie nerd , you need to be politically savvy , to have an understanding of the world in general . If you are sitting in your mothers basement collecting retarded hollywood dvds this movie can not possibly mean anything to you so don’t pretend .

  7. диеты для дам…

    […]A Serbian Film (2010) « Cinematic Horror Archive[…]…

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