30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010)

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8 Responses to “30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010)”

  1. Nice Review! Nice Website, but you need to get forum going, maybe a free one like Proboards!

    • Thanks, mate.

      I do eventually want to open a full website, and I am thinking of having forums. But I will definitely look into Proboards.

      Thanks for the tip.

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  3. bisco Says:

    thanks for the warning on this turd lol

    i saw it in a bargain bin yesterday and almost bought it because i liked the first one so much

    and yes twilight BLOWS

    great articles yet again!

  4. Lewis Green Says:

    Good review. I agree. This is easily one of the most disappointing vampire movies ever. I only rented it because I loved the original. I’d never read the graphic novel. This falls back on so many cliches where the original movie was brilliant and effective piece of horror. I don’t even like vamp movies because the genre is so lame now after The Hunger changed all vamps into cool Euro-trash who go to clubs and wear goth fashions then Twilight turned them into boy bands. With the exception of Blade (which is also NOT real horror but great action), I’d written off vampire movies until 30 DON came and had me hiding under my covers. I would have preferred they stop at the first one and forget this and those lame mini movies. (“Dust-To-Dust” was actually pretty good though. More enjoyable than this shite).

  5. You are a douche.
    How dare you suggest to people to download movies illegally.
    Many talented and deserving people work hard on these films and do not deserve to have their work stolen.
    What’s the matter with you?

    • LOL at the douche remark!

      I can understand you being against my recommendation on downloading creative works illegally.

      Honestly, I agree with you that if film (and music) is of artistic worth, then the talent behind it should get the royalties due to them for their hard work, and so that they may continue working. If this movie was of substantial quality, I would not even consider recommending people download it free illegally.

      However, as a horror film critic I feel duty bound to help fans of the genre save their money. If they are still curious to check it out, despite my fair warnings, then they should not have to part with their hard earned money for a shoddy cash in rip off! There are no “talented and deserving people” involved in making this tripe.

      I do however concede that I was a bit out of line for specifically recommending Pirate Bay, and basically telling people to commit a crime, so I will make revisions to my conclusion. Besides, people can work it out for themselves what they want to do, if they are apprehensive about spending money on a potential piece of shit.

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