Mirrors 2 (2010)

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6 Responses to “Mirrors 2 (2010)”

  1. Joel Goodman Says:

    “Download it free from Pirate Bay”. I was shocked to see this in your review. I understand you don’t like the film and think that no one should pay money for it, but who are you to tell people to steal. Further, by saying this, you are supporting sites like Pirate Bay, and the proliferation of internet theft. As a writer, you should understand the ownership of intellectual property. I know you do since you state it very clearly in the copyright to your review. Please consider re-writing the last paragraph of this review. For all of our sakes.

    • Thanks for being civil with your argument.

      I can understand you being against my recommendation on downloading creative works illegally.

      Honestly, if film (and music) is of artistic worth, then the talent behind it should get the royalties due to them for their hard work, and so that they may continue working. If this movie was of substantial quality, I would not even consider recommending people download it free illegally.

      However, as a horror film critic I feel duty bound to help fans of the genre save their money. If they are still curious to check it out, despite my fair warnings, then they should not have to part with their hard earned money for a shoddy cash in rip off!

      I do however concede that I was a bit out of line for specifically recommending Pirate Bay, and basically telling people to commit a crime, so I will make revisions to my conclusion. Besides, people can work it out for themselves what they want to do, if they are apprehensive about spending money on a potential piece of shit.

      Thanks for pointing it out, I didn’t realize I was bordering on hypocrisy.

  2. No connection whatsoever? Did you miss the whole plot point that the main evil mirror from the store was literally taken from the store from Mirrors 1? They went out of their way to explicitly connect the two like that.

    • It doesn’t explicitly connect the two films together, as that brief revelation was just thrown in. This movie is really a stand alone; the story didn’t need that, and it was just put there as a feeble attempt to relate the two as a franchise. It was just put in and never mentioned again; it was very forced, and ‘Mirrors 2’ doesn’t look or feel anything like the first film. In that respect it has no connection whatsoever to it. But I think I’ll slightly rewrite that sentence to avoid confusion.

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