Martin (1977)

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3 Responses to “Martin (1977)”

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  2. Ryan Hughes Says:

    I first saw Martin on VHS in 1980. I thought it was great then and to this day I consider it George Romero’s best film. In talking to George in brief at last year’s Indianapolis Horrorhound convention he stated that of all of his movies this is his favorite. It is mine as well. Just ahead of Dawn Of The Dead. As vampire films go I would rank it as tied with Let The Right One In as my all time favorite.

    • I post on the forum of Bloody Disgusting, and this year I was involved in its All Genre Draft. I picked ‘Martin’, and although it got love from astute genre fans, the people I introduced it to only gave it like 5 out of 10! Its by far Romero’s greatest film after his first two zombie movies.

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