Scanners (1981)

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5 Responses to “Scanners (1981)”

  1. Scanners is the one of the best classic horror movies. Don’t forget to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary this year!

  2. Creepy Crawler Says:

    From the director’s golden age along with Videodrome, The Brood, etc

  3. […] Cinematic Horror Archive ©2010, Dave J. Wilson « Scanners (1981) […]

  4. I saw Scanners when it first played theaters and I’ve loved it ever since. I would probably love it a lot more if someone else had been cast in the lead. Stephen Lack’s wooden performance really stands out since the rest of the cast was quite good. It’s interesting to see the version of the film’s climax in the TV cut. The gore is pretty much removed with some animation inserted instead.

    Great review. Keep ’em coming.

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