Help Raise Money for Mike Bonomo’s Feature Film – Muse

Aspiring and talented independent filmmaker, Mike Bonomo, is trying to raise money to make his feature film debut – ‘Muse’.

A link to the details of how you can donate and help get his project shot, edited, and scored, is below this intriguing synopsis and teaser trailer:

Jeff is a struggling screenwriter. He has one successful film under his belt and a deadline breathing down his throat. As the days slip away, Jeff finds himself more and more at an impasse, staring helplessly at a due date he fears he will not meet. Out of desperation, Jeff hires a writing assistant, an enigmatic woman named Lorne, to help him overcome not only his fear of failure, but his fear of success as well. Their collaboration quickly leads to great progress, not only with the screenplay, but also with Jeff’s slowly evolving relationship with his beautiful neighbor Anabelle. But Lorne may be more than she appears to be and soon Jeff finds himself being led down a path that may end up costing him everything.

A piece of claustrophobic imagination, Muse explores what happens when the veil between fantasy and reality begins to crumble, a dark morality tale that looks at how desire for something more, something better, can sometimes cost more than you’re willing to pay.

Teaser Trailer

To donate click here.

Also, make sure you visit the official Muse production blog.

Check out as well the Facebook page.

For an example of more of Mike Bonomo’s filmmaking talents watch his two short films:


Never Again

Check out also the trailers for short films he has in the works:


Unsaid – Girl Trailer

Unsaid – Boy Trailer

Thanks very much for your time,

Dave J. Wilson


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